Friday, November 03, 2006

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kula said...

Many would have lost their trust towards a positive response as LBN case gets delayed due to various reasons day by day…month by month….

As mentioned by few others previously, LBN had not been able to get anything more than the MOD clearance.

We also get some news that few key members of the technical team had already left the company due to this uncertainty. Further, the test transmission on Thursdays too carried out in a limited area in Colombo as government representatives used to come late to the LBN office. It seems that they don’t even switch on the power hubs of other areas to save money. So nobody knows what has happened to their infrastructure on other areas.

LBN also seems to have an issue with their Media Licence.

Even though many have questioned these from LBN management, none of these are yet to confirmed or responded by them.

CBN, SC hearing too had been postponed to 04th Dec 2006. Hopes on dish TV too have got weakened during the last few days

Meth said...

Anybody who knows what are the plans of Asset media ( own by Dialog Telecom). I belive they are having all the licence of what was given by last PA govt

kula said...

Sri Lanka ranked 84 corrupt nation: Transparency International

Yuktiya said...

Dear Kula,

With regard to the comment, it’s clearly understood the frustration from a customer point of view. Only what we needed is the value for our investment. But we are trying to ignore one main point here, whether its CBN / LBN would have not invested in this sector if they know about the necessary documents were need after commencing the business. Month of June was a bad month for the both companies. 6th & 15th respectively, on the 15th morning their were 60 + innocent civilians massacred in Kapitigolawa for unknown reason, in the same evening 10,000 customers more then 100 employees & the investors were massacred once again for an unknown reason. The first incident we could counter on terrorism. The 2nd incident how could we describe. Authorities claimed the company doesn’t have TRC section 17 licenses in that scenario their operation is illegal. Fair enough……but up to the time no one in this country haven’t seen that particular
Document. Then how comet cable & other cable operators are functioning?

Yes every company has their up & down at any times, people will leave even in good times also, in this particular juncture that ratio will be on a higher side. What kind of a decision that you will make on above situation? As you correctly mentioned uncertainty is the key word. We are human’s kula. We have to take decisions, may be it might wrong but decision got to be made. End of the day nobody is going to cry for you.
Think about the employees. Try to understand their mindsets. From June 15th the issues they were forced to faced in the working environment & family environment. I think most of the people were with the management, doing their best to come out of this mess.

I will appreciate the management with out a single income. At least to keep the things happening in the company. I got some information in regarding the test transmission they its definitely not for the customers, to ensure the high valued equipments are safe.


All the very best for the management, employees, legal team & for the customers.

kula said...


I have no question about their survival up to now...I do appreciate that.....worry is how long they could carry on like this? LBN needs to have options if Licence approach is not working. Otherwise, things may get worse!!! It may be the ultimate objective of the main forces behind the closure of CBN & LBN (But I am happy as one guy is already in trouble)

I like your comment “A SHIP IN HARBOUR IS SAFE, BUT THAT IS NOT WHAT SHIPS ARE BUILD FOR” and do agree with it.