Friday, December 15, 2006

Commenting made easy

Complaints have been made by several of our bloggers that commenting on this blog is now difficult due to the implementation of registration process.

Therefore we have decided to remove this feature but we request everyone not to make anonymous comments.

Please include your name in every comment that you make.


Anonymous said...

thank you for making it easier to leave comments - its so much appreciated.

I wud be the most happy is somehting constructive cud come out from this blog in helping to get LBN on its feet again.
Wud u know if the management do go online and read the comments???? Maybe the management is badly in need of knowing how kindly their customers thing of them. I wud love to get a feed back from the management.

thanks once again!!!

William said...

I too would very much like to see LBN given the go ahead to re-transmit their programmes. It seems most unfiar and unjust that CBNsat have recommenced their services and LBN have to wait even further. Subscribers like myself who have been deprived of decent quality professional television channels have endured enough since June 2006.

I too wish LBN would speak to it's customers regarding the status of their position and anticipated date for resuming cable transmission.