Monday, December 11, 2006

Two month wait for Signature

Over 10,000 subscribers still wait in vain Two-month wait for presidential nod continues to hold up LBN transmission resumption

CBNSat, the satellite broadcasting station which resumed transmission last week after a victorious six-month court battle said the Supreme Court order proved that all allegations made against company were completely false and baseless.

"It was a long fight to clear the name of CBNSat", the cable television provider said in a statement posted on its website.

In an act of solidarity, CBNSat expressed hope that Lanka Broadband Networks (LBN), which still remain sealed, will be permitted by the authorities to resume transmissions soon.

"There are over 10,000 LBN subscribers who are still awaiting transmissions to resume and we hope that the issue will be resolved without any further inconveniences", the company said in a special message titled "Restore LBN".

Notwithstanding Defence Ministry clearance, LBN has still not been allowed to resume operations because the President, under whose purview the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) comes, has so far not signed the relevant documents.

"The documents were sent to the President by the TRC on October 14", LBN Managing Director Shirantha Herath said last week. "Almost two months after, we are still awaiting the green light".

"We have even paid the licence fee", he said. "There are 10,500 customers who have been kept waiting for six months".

The Defence Ministry and TRC have cleared LBN to resume transmission, but a simple formality of granting final Presidential approval has held up the whole process, an industry official said.

Two senior Presidential aides contacted by the Sunday Island were unable to explain the two-month delay in placing a signature on a document, as required by the law.

"Contact the President's Secretary", they suggested but repeated attempts to contact Lalith Weeratunga were futile.

A Media Ministry official said that after CBNSat was allowed to resume transmission following the intervention of the Supreme Court, attempts are apparently being made by those instrumental in sealing CBNSat and LBN to wash their hands off the whole affair.

"We cannot be made the whipping boy because we were not responsible for this situation", he said. "It was the TRC wanted them sealed".

The transmission of CBNsat and LBN cable television were blocked by the CID in June this year for allegedly operating without a valid license.

By Suresh Perera


Anonymous said...

why does not LBN publish this blogspot address to their customers so that they could really hear all the beautiful things that its 10,500 customers have to say.

Its about time the subscribers informed the company that they are gross inefficient. (maybe the management is not bothered about the customers).

LBN please send this address to all yr subscribers and get a feedback and maybe hopefully we the silent sufferers could get some service.

Anonymous said...

Well, well LBN users will have to wait even longer more frustrated and depressed while Dialog uses its influence to capture the TV market. CBN Sat users are feeling top of the world...

Even Comet cable survived with all those problems they are facing. CBN gets everyone into the mess and now LBN users have to suffer... what a life.

hush said...

Please hit the nail on its head. The problem was not created by CBN but few vested political interests and need not mention here.

Only shrewd business plan by CBN to get round the corner help it stand on its feet.Had the fellows knew dialog will pull a fast one they would have brought another crap story to stop CBN. LBN tried to be obeidient in face of oppresion by vested interest hoping to gain sympathy. Fighting for justice with shrewd minds would have got LBN back but no they try to be the good fellow. see where it is now. When SC saw a loop hole where they could deliver justice they immediately acted on it.

Issue lies is why papers is not signed when all clearance is given.look at weekend papers where media guys are quoting TRC is the one along with few individuals who wanted to stop CBN .Just dig below the surface, its not all what it seems.

maybe its time to form a subcriber unite like CBN customers did to get your voice heard instead of waiting for things to happen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with hush - its about time the customers (silent sufferers) unite -like it did in CBN - I think LBN is either too lazy or inefficient - if their lawyers are letargic -change them - !
Wud pls request LBN to email or snail mail their customers this blog spot address so that something constructive cud come about.

If CBN customers cud unite and get results - why not LBN customers!

Anonymous said...

Quite true.. thanks for pointing out that Hush. Anyway who ever it is has made us all depresses and frustrated. Can another authority be approached since the direct route seems to be delaying things. Also if a LBN subscriber wants to leave comment on this site, its quite a hard and tidious one.

Is it true that the LBN office has provided and installed free antennaes to view normal stations?

Anonymous said...

What;s LBN's problem? why can't they pay the government a bribe like they asked??? It's ok to bribe so long as we get to watch some decent tv... Local channels all crap. All government propaganda even the shameless sirasa is supporting the SLFP now. Hypocrite bastards....