Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Restore LBN soon

After the success of CBNsat and the subsequent take over by Dialog Telekom we hope that the authorities will also allow LBN to resume transmissions soon.

There are over 10,000 subscribers who are awaiting transmissions to resume and we hope that the issue will be resolved without any further inconveniences.

Please update us on the latest on LBN as the days progress. We also hope that the management of LBN will update us on the prevailing situation soon.


kula said...

This is why we said that LBN didn't plan for alternatives like CBN. LBN is in a mess by trying to be too obedient. They follow everything that the authorities request. There are motto is “Hope”.

Dear LBN MD, hope you have at least learnt a lesson.

TRY CBN at your German Restaurant.

Anonymous said...

we can't wait some more............!
To mr.kula,
Mr. kula.. what is the relationship between that restaurant and lbn tv? That restaurant is an lbn one or what?

lbn customer

kula said...

Some say it belongs to LBN MD :(

kula said...

Over 10,000 subscribers still wait in vain
Two-month wait for presidential nod
continues to hold up LBN transmission

By Suresh Perera

CBNSat, the satellite broadcasting station which resumed transmission last week after a victorious six-month court battle said the Supreme Court order proved that all allegations made against company were completely false and baseless.

"It was a long fight to clear the name of CBNSat", the cable television provider said in a statement posted on its website.

In an act of solidarity, CBNSat expressed hope that Lanka Broadband Networks (LBN), which still remain sealed, will be permitted by the authorities to resume transmissions soon.

"There are over 10,000 LBN subscribers who are still awaiting transmissions to resume and we hope that the issue will be resolved without any further inconveniences", the company said in a special message titled ‘Restore LBN’.

Notwithstanding Defence Ministry clearance, LBN has still not been allowed to resume operations because the President, under whose purview the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) comes, has so far not signed the relevant documents.

"The documents were sent to the President by the TRC on October 14", LBN Managing Director Shirantha Herath said last week. "Almost two months after, we are still awaiting the green light".

"We have even paid the licence fee", he said. "There are 10,500 customers who have been kept waiting for six months".

The Defence Ministry and TRC have cleared LBN to resume transmission, but a simple formality of granting final Presidential approval has held up the whole process, an industry official said.

Two senior Presidential aides contacted by the Sunday Island were unable to explain the two-month delay in placing a signature on a document, as required by the law.

"Contact the President’s Secretary", they suggested but repeated attempts to contact Lalith Weeratunga were futile.

A Media Ministry official said that after CBNSat was allowed to resume transmission following the intervention of the Supreme Court, attempts are apparently being made by those instrumental in sealing CBNSat and LBN to wash their hands off the whole affair.

"We cannot be made the whipping boy because we were not responsible for this situation", he said. "It was the TRC wanted them sealed".

The transmission of CBNsat and LBN cable television were blocked by the CID in June this year for allegedly operating without a valid license.

Anonymous said...

LBN is a spineless company which does not want to rock any boats - they are the most letargic organisation I ever came across.
I called their Customer support desk and enquired as to what was happening - the reply I got was -"its still the same we are waiting for the next court hearing next year."
I then told them that CBN - who was not supposed to ever get going are now transmitting - so what is LBN who are supposed to hv got the nod doing - Do you know the reply I got -"CBN is operating coz they have changed their management" - ok pls LBN change yr management n give us a service please. This is the height of madness!
Either you refund us our monies -or give us a service please.

Anonymous said...


I will regret to my last breath subscribing to an insensitive and insensible cable TV company such as LBN! The 10,500 people who banked on this company for cable TV entertainment have unwittingly branded themselves as absolute suckers...pathetic fools..We should have known better. After kicking our heels for six agonising months, what have we got as redress...as solace? Nothing but total eyewash in the form of promises of resuming services "soon". LBN must take full responsibility for starting a service without proper licensing. I hope a subsrciber will sue LBN for leading over 10,000 people up the garden path. We have paid so much in terms of money and sins and the LBN management appears to be indifferent. CBNSat was courageous and fought till the end to resume services under the same brand image (without defence clearance as the newspapers reported). LBN continues to drag its feet in a shocking display of apathy. LBN's website is ample testimony to the web of utter confusion the company is entangled in...shame..!! We want action not silly excuses...we are sick of impotent excuses. Get your act together or refund our monies so that we can go to a cable company with a backbone.

Anonymous said...

Only ourselves to blame

It is sad to see LBN still twiddling its thumbs while the newspapers particularly the Sunday Island has been vigourously fighting its cause (See article on this blog by Suresh Perera and related articles by the same writer prior to this). Hats off for this brave initiative. Continue to sleep LBN. There are others fighting your battles and when they win on your behalf, wake up and increase your charges to catch up on the losses!
We have only ourselves to blame for trusting LBN.

Anonymous said...

As another sucker to have subscribed to LBN, I fully endorse the views expressed by my two fellow 'suckers' on this blog. I pity them as much as I pity and curse myself for this monumental blunder in my miserable life!
We should thank this blog for giving us lesser mortals an opportunity to air our views because LBN's website is a grand joke. They have comfortably fed an obsolete and baseless news report and reproduced some documents in another attempt to mislead 10,500 suckers who banked on this wretched company.
For the first time since the advent of TV to Mother Lanka, I will have a blank screen on my television on X'mas Day and Jan. 1,2007 because the case will be heard again after that. If the newspapers do not continue to intervene and fight on behalf of LBN, it will be the same old treatment on Christmas Day 2007 and Jan. 1 2008 as LBN is happily watching the world go by!!
We want action and we want it fast..Don't allow us to suffer any more...please release us and let us go to another provider worth its salt!!

Anonymous said...

LBN sell your outfit to a courageous company -- just like CBN did so that our screens will light up again. End this misery for us and go home!! LBN has failed miserably and we have been forced to pay for all the sins.
Leave us alone and push off in the name of justice and fairplay!

Anonymous said...

Do or Depart LBN Management...

The comments by all the bloggers and 'suckers' clearly shows the extent of suffering LBN subscribers are being forced to undergo for no fault of theirs. What a sickening cable provider and what an equally sickening country this is to live in! Six months have gone by and nobody in authority seems to care about 10,500 people 'orphaned' by the LBN syndrome.
The crux of the matter is -- what the hell is LNB doing to grant us relief? If we are to go by their website and the sparse communication with us during the past six months, the answer is a clear cut -- ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. The LBN MD must put an end to this ostritch-like attitude and dedicate himself to the cause of serving his clients.
LBN's website is a pathetic reflection of its obnoxious attitude towards 10,500 people who had paid their hard earned money to obtain a cable TV service.
Sri Lanka should adopt tough laws to prosecute companies which deceive innocent people in this manner. This is an absolute fraud!
LBN subscribers, let's join hands for some public agitation on this issue -- let us individually write to the President asking him to expedite the process of approving the final ducuments (refer news report on this blog). Get it started...otherwise expect to wait till man lands on Mars in 2010 to read the words LBN on your TV screens!
Please respond via this blog to this suggestion and get the campaign going...

Anonymous said...


Hello LBN Lokka,
With a few days to spare, thanks to the Christmas holidays (Otherwise, we know how busy you are sitting pretty, doing sweet nothing - not even answering calls from your ship-wrecked subscribers), do pay a to Hans Uncle, that high successful, smart fella for a bit of homework on how to run an honourable outfit.
Grab this opportunity, Lokka - it is more for self-development than to grant solace to 10,500 suffering humans. Learn it, Lokka at least for our sake so that we need not suffer in future because of your idiotic attitude. Do go there - if you cannot find the address we can do that also for you! He'll be home celebrating Yuletide and don't forget the yummy cake and sparking wine -- gulp as much as you can -- don't feel guilty that we are staring into blank screens on this Blessed Day. This fate befell us because there exist people in this sinking country who know only to eat cake and drink wine and not to run a business with acumen and professionalism.
Hans might laugh at your faux pas but take it on the bump because that fella is a bright boy who knows his onions plus his digital telephony...don't be ashamed to learn at his feet the ABC of running a viable and proud business venture.
If you get lost trying to find the fella's joint in Colombo 7, give us a buzz (all chances are that you want because with CLI we will then start buzzing you to ask questions you are not capable of answering). Ask some guys around, they'll help because Hans is a good, popular guy, made famous by the company he runs and keeps, unlike you, Lokka!
So, let's hope for the best in 2007, Lokka, or at least when the next comet is expected to pop out in another half a century...knowing your talents, Lokka, we can then safely depart leaving the future of LBN safely in the hands of our great grand kids! Thanks Lokka for all the 'support'...don't be surprised if the Nobel Prize Committee guys call you up because it is reliably learnt that from 2007 they have decided to give that grand prize to any fella who has made 10,500 lives miserable for more than 6 months. You will sure qualify and do this nation proud. Good luck, Lokka. If any recommendations are required, call us...we will give it wholesale, but sorry Lokka...it wouldn't be fit to print in a so-called cultured, conservative, compassionate country such as ours - the only place on this bloody earth where they don't allow dogs to be killed but freely allow people to be killed like dogs!
Thanks Lokka. Happy X'mas and a more Prosperous New Year! Stuff yourself well...don't feel guilty...but be wary of the booze because you have a marvellous company to run...
I am, your obedient servant,

Anonymous said...


The superb piece by Shokka addressed to LBN Lokka made interesting reading. How very true...Shokka has hit the nail on the head. Well done, but the saddest part of it all is whether LBN Lokka will ever learn. I doubt whether even the astute Hans Uncle will be able to drive some sense into LBN Lokka Shirantha who is in hiding since his miserable station was sealed six months ago.
We are being forced to pay for LBN Lokka's sins....sure bloody suckers we are! With people like LBN Lokka around and suckers like us born every minute that's not surprising. No TV on Jan. 1st also...miserable...anyway, with active MDs like our Lokka, something should happen at least by the year 2010! We are sick of all this..
Have a wonderful New Year Lokka...you deserve it. You have the 'blessings' of 10,500 people or rather suckers who think of you day in and day out...carry out with the bluff...you sure have reserved a place for yourself in history as a Herath who has made mockery of those great giants our proud history is replete with.
All the best, Lokka, keep on batting amidst the jeers and catcalls. When the match is over it will seal your fate!

Anonymous said...


hans mahattaya..hondata selakuwada apey lokkata..naththal kalay nay..hondata thinyenna athi kanna bonna..apey nam kala bada perila..hondata kewa parippu masa hayak...parippumai apey lbn lokka apata kanna dunnay...honda miniha..anunta parippu kawanawa..hans ugannanna ethi bedagena kanna..pau meya..apey lokkata purudu neha...herath kenek nay..yodaya wagay thaniyama kanna thamai a kalay idan iganagena theyannay. hans la wagay nemai..engalanthay hendi garuppu walin kana aya nay hans la kiyannaay... hendi garuppu walin kana ayath gonnu wagay lokka gay lbn gaththa...a ayath ithin hendi garuppu walin parippu kewa achcharai nay apey lokka apata kanna dunnay...masa hayak..laysi neha...monawa karannada, cnn..istarsports balanna kiyala lbn gaththay..anthimata parippu thamai hamba vunay..lokka hangila innay..bayeda koheda..parippu kanakenakuta tharaha gehin monawa hari keruwoth..kiyanna beha nay..kamak nay lokka oya hondin inna api illan kewa nay modayo wagey.
suba aluth avuruddak lokka...pulunwan nam apata wena diet ekak 2007 denna balanna..parippu kala katath pelila..ros pan gediyak wath denna naduwen passay..pari saha ros pan thami than chinthanaya..apata dukai lokka...sama wenna oyawa kidduwata...nida ganna..oya wagay kenek issara kalay romayth hitiya lu...neero kiyala..relayshan kenak da...dennama ekama vidiye dewal karannay...ekai ahuway..tharaha ganna epa lokka..naththal saruda..hondata kanna...hondata kanna...jolli karanna..hans uncle gen igana ganna joint eka hariheti duwana heti...
theruwan saranai