Thursday, February 15, 2007

Commercial Transmissions resumption message

According to a report received by us it seems that a message had appeared on Neo Sports informing customers of the resumption of commercial operations of LBN and requesting them to pay all their arears due up to 15th June 2006.

The website still carries the test transmission announcement but it may due to the fact that the website has not been updated still.

We hope that LBN will make an official announcement regarding the resumption of commercial transmissions and hopefully anyone else who saw the message can clarify further.


Anonymous said...

Inside info from lbn. Their network is still not updated due to lots of reasons; the entire customers were not getting the signals. In this situation they might not bill until they commence the operation. They have paid huge money the channels & ect…..they are requesting from the customers who have getting the signals to pay the areas

Sudhar said...

Almost all the channels are resumed including KTV, MTV-English, adding Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery Travel & Living and SET Max is optional but adding these channels makes LBN the top most provider of satellite channels in Lanka. LBN can add these channels in the premium package for additional charge.

Anonymous said...

ITN is not working

peaceman said...

Sorry no SET MAx for LBN until world cup is finished. They purposely gave rights only to local tv Channel Eye and cable tv Dialog TV in Sri Lanka.

But the loss of Discovery group still bugs me? Why has it not appeared yet?

Also, LBN should hurry up, finish test transmission, and do something to face competitors. Dialog's advertising campaign is working very well, and I hope LBN has finances to do something similar. Remember, people are not going to buy a servive (even cheaper) if they do not know about it. Dialog's doing a great job and LBN should match up.

Anonymous said...

want to get a dialog satellite tv connection call mohamed on 0777 33 80 99 and get you connection now

Anonymous said...

LBN is having financial problems. The amount of repair needed is worse than expected and it is not fitting their budget. Some customers still haven't got their connections.

I really dont know how LBN is going to manage with Dialog TV and SLT IPTV around. I mean, they have such a lot to do:-

1. Expand cable network to fill at least entire Colombo
2. Have a good advertising campaign
3. Renew licenses for a few channels which are still not available
4. Add more new Premium (not FTA) channels

One reason why they only introduced Neo Sports and Plus as premium channels is because they needed to thank their customers. All other channels were FTA and only needed a satellite dish. No licenses to get there. also the inability to get SET max is a real blow.

I am sure under the guidance of Mr. Herath they will somehowget the network up and running. But the problem is WHEN?

Wish LBN the best of luck.
Wont tell my name because the LBN insider will kill me (of course we all know it happens always).

Anonymous said...

please add:-

2-Travel adn Living
3-Animal planet
4-Ten Sports
5-Radio channels (to finally put by radio in the store room)
6-SET Max

Anonymous said...

Dear LBN,

We know the story. Dialog or SLT can not reach LBN’s quality. Why LBN has more band-width. If CBN get another transponder or negotiate with Moldus CATV network they can add only another few channels. If they add more, the channel quality will be low, because of poor pixel-rate.

LBN has an enough bandwidth, but they are trouble in money and man-power. However if LBN will come to the field the Dialog TV cannot reach 250000 customers. Only thing is LBN has to through some money. Dialog will get connections why people do not know the picture quality & no other to compare [people who do not know the LBN].

We like LBN digital. Because it’s really nice. Super quality. So LBN has a long journey to go. Pls do this with minimum interruptions……

Their technical guys are working hard. We know it thank you very much u all from an LBN customer. I’m @ Rajagiriya.


Sudhar said...

What the above customer said is true, there is no comparison for the LBN regarding the quality and quantity of the channels for the present moment. LBN being a provider through cable has a very good advantage over the competitor regarding the number of channels than can be aired, only thing they have to do is find more quality channels by introducing new channels and obtaining regular feedback from the customers.

I would like to thank the technical employees of LBN for the rapid restoration of channels and signal in a short time.

Anonymous said...

The bandwith aspect is true,but LBN penetrating the market is 0% effect on DTV,as it would take years for LBN to come into 1% of the major towns in the country and their presnt coverage of the geographical area of the country is less tha 0.1% ,wheres DTV has a 100% coverage and even neibouring countries.In simple terms LBN cant even dream of competing with DTV.

Anonymous said...

quality aspects of DTV has been addressed and the reason for delay in deployment of third transponder adding 18 channels is that they had to get the proper equipment to address the extra channels and increase the quality of picture and sound.

with dialog broadband also in the wagon it will be challenge that can be overcome in a short span with the new equipment.

Sudhar said...

As a customer we expect a good service and total entertainment for the money we are spending for the subscription. Adding transponders will not be fun, there is a cost in it and that cost will be reflected on the customers. LBN may be working on a small geographical region but they know how to increase the subscribers and make profit out it.

Give one good reason for not airing a single Tamil channel (I don’t mean the Local channels). I know, there are customers who took this connection under previous management for the 2 channels they provided, now what the answer these people give for the present moment. More than adding channels and penetrating the market there should be justification for the existing customers. Doing business in diverse manner talks much.

Anonymous said...

LBN Management

Please let us know the latest status. We only get that annoucement. We fail to understand why there is no official laungh yet.

Anonymous said...

LBN Digital was installed at our house yesterday, the quality is great better than Dish and Dialog TV, looks like LBN might have a brighter future that most ppl would think

Anonymous said...

I live in dehiwala. The picture quality is very good. However on some channels the audio quality is extremely poor. I want to know if other subscribers are also experiencing this.

Anonymous said...

Wednesday 21st February, 2007

Doordarshan to telecast cricket World Cup live

The Delhi High Court has been informed that private sports channel SetMax, in collaboration with Nimbus Communications, has signed an agreement with public broadcaster Prasar Bharti to provide live feed of the cricket World Cup matches.

Appearing before a bench of Justices Vikramajit Sen and J.P. Singh, Additional Solicitor General P.P. Malhotra said an agreement had been signed between Prasar Bharti and SetMax to provide live feed of all the World Cup matches to be played in the West Indies from March 14.

Nimbus Communications, the owner of the NEO Sports channel, will provide the live feed to SetMax, counsel for Prasar Bharti Rajiv Sharma said.

The cases pending before the high court will not come in the way of broadcasting the matches live in non-cable homes in India, he added.

Even though the Sports Broadcasting Ordinance did not specify the sharing of mandatory live feeds of the sports events held abroad, the agreement with SetMax will enable Doordarshan show the matches live.

Nimbus which had bought the rights to telecast matches held in India for four years for Rs 27 billion, had filed a petition in court challenging the Sports Broadcasting (Mandatory Sharing with Prasar Bharti) Ordinance, contending that it is 'bad in law'.

'The ordinance transgresses the constitutional limits and apart from violating the petitioner's fundamental rights, it also interferes with the power of the court to review the circular enforcing the private channels to share the feed,' Nimbus maintained.

The high court has issued notice to the government and Prasar Bharti asking them to file replies to the Nimbus petition.

In its reply, the government said that before granting the licence to telecast matches in India, it had been made clear to the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) that whoever was given the right to telecast the matches would have to share the live feed with Doordarshan and All India Radio.

Anonymous said...

lalla lalala laa laa
lalala lalla laa....

Apitath world cup balanna puluwan.


Anonymous said...

I promise you, Doordarshan is as bad as Channel Eye. Knowing that Indians are cricket mad, they will put tons of ads on the channel. And the Indians will still watch since they have no alternaitive.

But SET Max is looking at an audience outside India. They will have extra programming which promises to interesting. They would not mess uptheir coverage with too many ads.

DD is the national channel of India, like Rupavahini is of Sri Lanka. And they will do anything for some extra money apart from funding. Don't expect them to do such a good job of it.

Anonymous said...

I got a Dialog TV (the CBNsat) connection when LBN was still shutdown. They actually came and fixed equipment even before they launched again. My kids were quite content with Pogo and did not miss Disney channel much. I disconnecetd my LBN.

For me, Dialog TV is OK. Channels like Zone Reality are my type and I long for such channels. With the World Cup being shown without so many ads now, I will stick on with DTV. Once the other channels come to DTV, it will be a complete package for everyone.

I dont think we really need all the Hindi channels that LBN had. More important in Tamil, but most important is English (for everyone).


Anonymous said...

if u have gone for a another connection first thig u shoul do is not to say to the world, inform lbn & remove the equipment. other wise go to the dialog blogers inform about the quality.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ok we accepted that you are a rich man who could speak english. Enjoy DTV during rainy days!!!