Monday, February 26, 2007

Financial problems?

We are getting unconfirmed reports that LBN is facing a financial crisis as a result of their closure which lasted over 6 months. The LBN website still carries the test transmission message and we request LBN customers to confirm whether they have received their monthly bills or not.

It is not surprising that LBN may be having some financial problems due to the closure but this is said to be a more serious issue. We again stress that this is an unconfirmed story.

Only LBN management will be able to tell us the truthfulness of the story and also why the test transmission message is still on the website. Another unconfirmed story is that in certain areas commercial transmissions have resumed but in certain others they are still on test transmission mode.

In other news, even though "Dialog TV" have been awarded exclusive rights to broadcast the ICC Cricket World Cup it seems that other operators such as LBN are also in with a chance to carry to out the broadcast. Please read "Will the Dialog TV broadcast of the ICC World Cup really be exclusive" for more on this subject.


Anonymous said...

20th February, 2007

Dear Valued Customer,

After seven and half long months of closure by the authorities, we have now been permitted commence operation and are now conducting test transmissions. Our network has suffered immense damage during the period of closure. We are in the process of restoring the network.

If you are not receiving our transmission, please call our Customer Service Hotline
5 300 300

We greatly value your patronage and wish to thank you very sincerely for your patience during this difficult period and having kept faith in LBN


this what lbn site says.

Anonymous said...

whats the big deal man??? let all the pay tv companies show the matches. Since you have a dish fixed in your head does not mean only people who have DTV should watch the match and the rest should tune into channel eye.Dont be so greedy and selfish.LBN or comet or any other if they can get the signal legally let them show. Who cares who has exclusive rights. last football world cup all pay tv customers ( CBN/LBN ) watched only on Eye. last indian tour DTV people watch only on sirasa.

Anonymous said...

Only DTV has the legal rights for broadcast of the world cup.I hear that they have informed DD sports and the other local operators of the grave consequenses they will face if they rebroadcasted the live feed without authority.

DD sports have informed that their agreement is only valid in India and no one is authorized to rebroadcast their signal outside india.

The authorities are realy going to be tough on this issue and anyone deviating from this tend to loose their licence.

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