Monday, June 04, 2007

LBN launches HBO Hits and Family

After months of being in the coming soon list, LBN have launched HBO Hits and HBO Family. These two channels are part of the HBO Family and have been the latest additions to the HBO Family in Asia.

LBN has been given the distinction of becoming the first pay television network in Sri Lanka to introduce these channels. In just over a week it will be the first anniversary of the day that marks the closure of LBN under controversial circumstances.

It is expected that the Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Discovery Travel & Living will be introduced on LBN very soon.

Given below are the websites of the new channels


shan said...

when is the discovery?

Sudhar said...

Received the monthly guide for the month of June yesterday. Discovery, Animal Planet and Travel and Living mention on the guide soon to come.
There are some interesting offers regarding the subscriptions on the guide.

hiru said...

It seems that few sub-agents have got into the market....

Star Cable Networks, has offered Ja-ela Millennium City and Athurugiriya Millennium a package with a connection fee of 4,500/- and monthly rental of Rs 500/- for 50 channels. ( this includes ESPN,STAR Sports,TEN Sports,STAR Movies,Animal Planet,Discovery,National Geo.., Cinamax, AXN,BBC e.t.c)

Contact numbers given on the brochure is 072-3644823 (Ja-ela) and 072-2920321 (Athurugiriya)...but lines are always engaged.

According to the channel line up, I guess this is an agent of Dish TV.(Hulla's connection)

Has any of you seen this? I am sure that there must be hidden agenda behind this offer?

shan said...

is LBN covering wattala? my friend told that LBN started there new branch at wattala. if so wat r the channels there giving

hiru said...

ESPN STAR Sports, Asia's premier sports broadcaster, announced the launch of a dedicated Cricket Channel especially for audiences in the Indian subcontinent. The new channel, christened STAR Cricket, will commence transmission in the month of June 2007. STAR Cricket will be the 15th network launched by ESPN STAR Sports in the Asia Pacific region.

The new channel would telecast 24 test matches and 42 One-day Internationals in the current year, including India's upcoming tour of England comprising four tests and seven One-day Internationals.

Rahdus said...

Oh poor LBN. They can no longer boast that they are the only ones with the cool new HBO channels.

And DTV is gaining up on LBN fast. They will soon have more international channels than LBN.

LBN boasts 60 channels. But 10 of them are local. So ultimately there are 50 international channels. Soon DTV will have around 45 international. 5 more with the fourth transponder and LBN will say good bye to their top channel position.

Anyway, LBN is already in the shit. DTV has three times the amount of cusomters.

LBN definitely sucks. So many people I know have converted from LBN to DTV.

LBN's false promises are the worst thing! They were going to launch broadband internet since early 2004. Even if they launch, the price will be high and SLT ADSL speed will be much faster.

And DTV launched around 10 new channels from testing within 3 days. LBN takes over two months to just launch HBO hits and family. Discovery channels will be the same!

LBN sucks big time. DTV is the future. IPTV too.

Sudhar said...

Oh Rahdus, what you have done. No where your name is good. Even on dialog blog you are not welcomed.

Read what TechnoGuy advice to Nathan...........

@ Nathan
Welcome to the blog!

I am sure you can trust all of us in the blog, exept:
> Russel
> Arnold Perera
> Rahdus

You are no longer concern for any one at any where.
Have fun, what ever why possible.

hsjaya said...

Dear Rahdus,

Why are you so angry with LBN customers. Have they done somthing wrong to you. LBN and Comet customers have paid good SL rupees as you have done and obtained a service from COMET and LBN which were available during that time. Let them enjoy what they have. What you have as a DTV customer may be good to you. But likewise what others have are good for them. Why do you want to compare. Do you want all LBN and COMET customers to buy DTV ?Is it you who are going to pay for the connection?. If You can do that pl do that. If you cant do that, please dont insult people. Be a true Srilankan. Try to help each other. Try to help improve the services. Let others enjoy what they have and be happy with that.

Amaris said...

Oh Rahdus, Back after a holiday??

>And DTV is gaining up on LBN >fast. They will soon have more >international channels than LBN.

Reading your earlier posts I thought they were already ahead of LBN!