Thursday, May 10, 2007

How soon is "Soon on LBN"?

It was in February that Mr. Shirantha Herath on an email interview said that HBO Family, Hits, Discovery, Animal Planet, Discovery Travel & Living will be introduced soon on LBN.

On 08th March 2007 we were able to make a post with LBN's official announcement of the soon to be launched channels. It is now more than two months and their is no indication yet of these channels on LBN.

The LBN management caused a stir among the LBN subscribers by revealing the channels but now the enthusiasm seems to have died down that since nothing has happened.

We hope that steps are taken to launch these channels for the benefit of the subscribers as soon as possible.


Rahdus said...

Here is a step by step review of what happened after the relaunch of LBN and DTV (channel additions excluded):-

DTV - Relaunched January with complete islandwide coverage problem free
LBN - Relaunched February with many customers still not receiving signals

DTV - Added 7 Zee TV channels including one FreeToAir
LBN - Added Neo Sports and Neo Sports Plus, and FreeToAir channels Al Jazeera, Arirang, DW-TV, TV5Monde, NHK

LBN - February: Promises five new channels and broadband internet soon

DTV - March: Added SET Max with Cricket World Cup
LBN - March: Neo Sports Plus and Raj TV channels removed

DTV - March: Reported to be selling over 3000 connections each month

DTV - March: Launches monthly guide

DTV - April: Adds Al Jazeera in a surprise for customers

DTV - April: Managing director announces future plans

DTV - April: Begins HDTV tests

Current Status

DTV - Hopefully awaiting 3rd and 4th transponders with over 20 new channels

LBN - Customers now over the excitment of the February announcement and hopeless about new channels and internet coming soon

Future Possibilities

DTV - Over 20 new channels will be introduced with 3rd and 4th transponder, and channels will be spread out to improve quality. HDTV will be introduced, as a first by Dialog for South Asia. STAR Cricket channel will appear on official launch. New BBC channels will be added to the lineup.

LBN - Broadband Internet will be challenged by very cheap (by then) ADSL and WiMAX from SLT. Cable damage due to storms will cause problems. Dialog will be ahead of their "promised" new channels by introducing HBO Famaly and HiTS first in Sri Lanka.

I'm sorry LBN, but your chances are bleak. Better if you LBN suckers read about 5 times and understand this before you comment.

Rahdus said...

LBN invests Rs 200 m more on programs expansion

LBN, a BOI-approved company, with shareholders in UK, India and Sri Lanka under the second stage will invest another Rs.200 million for the expansion of their programs in Sri Lanka.

Managing Director of the only fixed wire cable TV operator in the country, Shirantha Herath said that LBN has the unique advantage of providing all ten local channels clearly, thus removing the need for cumbersome and costly antennaes.

The Company has successfully tested broadband Internet on the network and is expected to be launched shortly.

Under the second phase development seven more channels could be added to the network including CNN, CNBC, MGM and POGO by the end of this month.

Lanka Broadband Networks now provides 24-hour cable television programs for viewers in Colombo and its suburbs.

Lanka Broadband Networks provides English, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi and other foreign language channels. The programming includes movies, sports, news, documentaries, sitcoms and children's programs to cater to the requirements of a wide group of viewers.

Today HBO, Star Movies, Cine Max, Espan Star Sports, Axn, National Geographic, Cartoon, MTV, BBC and SUN TV are among the 46 channels broadcast by LBN.

The Company also plans to launch a series of Sinhala language channels for schoolchildren and Sinhala viewers within the next couple of months. Explaining the current situation of the industry Herath said that government support is needed to develop infrastructure.

"If this is done our channels can expand our services to the rural masses," he said. " We need government support to build separate downloading and distribution centres," he said.

Herath said that local viewers could develop their mind and imbibe more knowledge from these television channels and broaden their horizons. A key aspect is to help the local viewers improve their knowledge on foreign affairs, he said. SS

Daily News - 3rd June 2004

So LBN, what can you say? Your big promises are actually repeat telecasts of old promises. Nothing will ever happen, huh?

> LBN will never be able to deploy a network in rural areas if they cnat even cover the entire Colombo area.

> What happened to MGM and Pogo which was promised a long time ago?

> Broadband Internet has been tested, again, again, again and again. Has anything happened for the customers yet. No.

> LBN promised to launch a load of Sinhala channels. Even if they do, it will only be another addition to the local TV shit.

> Government will never suppor LBN, because they have better things to od. Especially with Hulugalle around.

> SO I guess the SECOND PHRASE OF DEVELOPMENT was cut off in the middle. Ha!

So LBN what can you say. I say: FUCK OFF!

****/ \
****| |
****| |
****| |
****| |
/\/\| |/\/\
|*********| LBN to hell

hiru said...

All Maharaja Channels MTV.Sirasa, Shalthi and Channel 1 has been removed from yesterday

as blog admin has mentioned LBN has not been able to fulfill their promises up to date.

unfortunately we have no option but to continue with LBN

arnold perera said...

Here what I want to say, rahdus only agenda was to promote DTV(dialog tv) for that he was paid. First of all he try to use my name,,, now he has choosen another bongus name.
If any one listen to bongus rahdus, i can tell only one thing *** you will get treatment for madness ****
He is the number one clown in this country.

arnold perera said...

So beware of the clown

Sudhar said...

It’s a pity that people saying so much with out knowing what are the
Channels broadcasted. The Raj T.V channel was never aired on LBN after the shutdown and NEO Sports Plus was never removed from the launch time, It was always broadcasted.
How come a person doesn’t know these small issues can have a LBN

LBN Cable said...

Their may lots of good reasons that MBC to make that business decision. But way we think is in a different aspect.

Viewing Shakthi tv & sun tv no different at all
Sirasa most of the popular programmers were on star package.
They claimed news first 24 x 7 but that’s the tag line carried by NDTV.

Watching the channels should be decided by the viewers. MBC should allow the customers to choose the channels, rather then talking crab.

Rahdus said...

Dialog will soon surpass LBN in quality and quantity. DTV will have more premium paid channels than LBN. LBN has around 30 premium, and other 13 local and 7 free.

Aiyo! Shirantha ge kata lokuyi. weda podi!

arnold perera said...

There are 66 messages on the Dialog blog for the current thread as of this time. Out of that 66 messages guess how many messages post by this so called dialog bandit (rahdus) ??? Just one. Only one.
I think he wants to finish dialog customers eyes and make other customers also to join and finish their life.
He dont have any connection, his only mission to make all non DTV people to give up their satellite connections

Sudhar said...

I can't find any reason why rahdus not speaking for himself. what ever he says dosen't speak for a individual.
why can't you say something which belong to you or you are being part of!!!!!!!!!!!

LBN Cable said...

At last some one to say LBN is better then DTV, as customers we were happy to be with the network, thanks for the comments. Another one thing once Nushard perere told in the press commercial free world cup………………………is it true…

Sudhar said...

How soon is "Soon On LBN" that is the question posted by the blog Admin, I think LBN has answered partially to that question by introducing HBO Hits and HBO family on the LBN line up.
This is first time a Sri Lankan service provider has aired HBO Hits and HBO Family channels.

Sudhar said...

For all LBN subscribers to receive the HBO Hits and HBO Family channels please do channels scan on your Decoder.

I want to congratulate LBN and their staff for achieving the FIRST TIME honor.

Rahdus said...

oh big thing!

i want to congratulate LBN and their staff for achieving the first time "honour".

first and last time LBN get the FIRST TIME "honour"




(you have written honor, not honour. are you some american fool trying to screw sri lanka up like you do with the musc and everything)

Sudhar said...

How are you rahdus?? After long time to see you here. I read all your sincere efforts made on the comet blog but nothing work out there. All comet bloggers chased you out. Any how I don’t care about, since those people itself identified your good behavior.

arnold perera said...

Rahdus fucker not born to parents.... Rahdus is number 1 shit fucker


Anonymous said...
rahdus is not born to proper parents. Thats why he behaves like this. MAY GOD HAVE PITTY OH HIS SOUL!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007 12:33:00 PM

arnold perera said...

Rahdus Sucks.... DTV sucks....Rahdus Sucks.... DTV Sucks............
Aiyooooooooooooooooooooooooo, some one fuck this rahdus and shut his a** hole mouth

Amaris said...

To Rahdus:

Current Status:

LBN: Have HBO Hits and Family on board. Awaiting Discovery.

DTV: Still trasmitting 30 odd channels using only 2 transponders. Promises of great things to come. No sign of working 3rd transponder and/ or even Star Movies despite claims of big things ahead.

Oi, mind your own business and look after your own company. Let LBN and its subscribers be.

arnold perera said...

All Rahdus future tense gone to hell.nothin happen as what you said. No first time in lanka status Dialog TV for HBO Hits or Family.
What a shame for rahdus.