Thursday, May 03, 2007

Please Register now........

As a result of numerous anonymous comments of an irrelevant nature being posted on this blog and amidst requests from frequent LBN Bloggers we have decided to disable anonymous commenting. As a result of this LBN subscribers who want to post comments on this blog will have to obtain a Google Account.

If you already have a "Google Account"
To comment you have to type your comment and enter your Google Account User ID and Password to comment on this blog. There is no need for you to obtain any other account.

If you have a "Blogger Account"

This means that you have to upgrade your Blogger Account to a Google Account. You will have to visit "" and click on "Sign into old blogger" which is on the top right hand corner of the web page. Login using using your Blogger Account and follow the steps to upgrade your account to a Google Account.

I do not have any of the above
Then you will have to visit "" and click on "Sign up for GMail" and follow the steps to obtain a Google Account. Once you obtain your Google Account you can use that to Log in at "" and then fill out any details required by Blogger. Once you have done then you can use the account to post comments on this blog.

If you have any difficulty in making the registration please email us to "". We will try our best to assist you with your registration process.

We have introduced this feature to restrict the number of unwanted comments on this blog and enable LBN subscribers to further enrich their experience by exchanging their ideas.