Friday, August 10, 2007

LBN adds Australia Network

LBN has added Australia Network to their lineup of channels. This channel is a full English language channel that focuses on entertainment, sports and educational content which is produced in Australia. This is a channel primarily for Australians who are living in this region. It should be noted that this channel telecasts Australian Rules Football and the Tri Nations Rugby matches which was completed recently. This channel was formerly called ABC Asia Pacific.

LBN is the second operator after Dialog TV to introduce this channel.

Australia Network :


star said...

Hi every one. When you do auto searched you will get only 61 channels. Then you have to do the manual search to get the balance 9 channels.

Manual search frequence 370.

Sudhar said...

what Star said is right, now the total number of channels in the digital line is 72 including the Local channels.

hiru said...

thanks star

I will go home and try that.

star said...


what are the other 2 channels they have added? One is Australia network. What is the second one? Now i am in office. therefore, i can't check it.

vista2006 said...

Zee Sport
TEN Sport
those channels are still not active

vista2006 said...

DD Sport now on LBN

KTV, SUN Music, ZEE TV, ZEE Cinema are now Digital Basic Channels

star said...


Can we watch Ten Sport today night?

Sudhar said...

The number of channels growing like a bullet train. Now the total channels stand at 74 or may be more.
Few channels are yet to be active, I think they may test those channels internally now.

star said...

BSNL launches IPTV in Karnataka

internet protocol television (IPTV) was launched in Bangalore recently and the facility will be available for users from August 15.

About 150 television channels, movies, education from kindergarten, primary and high school students of higher levels, and much more will be available on internet protocol television. Digital quality is another benefit. Service charges are Rs 150 per month plus usage charges, thus giving cable operators a run for their money. A one-time investment includes a set-top box worth Rs 3,950 and installation charges of Rs 889.

Viewers can choose from a choice of English, Hindi and other vernacular films for a price ranging from Rs 10 to up to Rs 150.

Users of this service can watch their favourite programmes at the time of their choice, however, this option is not available now. The project has been supported by CSIR under the triple play broadband technology which is on par with what is available worldwide. The franchisee for broadband here is India Online.

"It will be made available soon. E-education, homework and project assistance for students, music and gaming will also be available soon," said N Ramesh, head of India Online Broadband.

Amaris said...

To get the new channels one needs to do a manual search

You need to goto Channel Search --> Manual Search and set the frequency to 370.00MHz and then press OK. The decoder will search in that freq. At the moment there are 11 channels in that freq and when you do the above sequence these channels will be added to the lineup.

However if you do an Auto search again you will get only 63 channels as the 11 you got from the manual scan will be lost till you do the manual scan again

star said...

Are they adding any other channels in their line up?

star said...

Ten sports @ Zee sports are still not activated. They may add animax & Ftv also within few days.

star said...

Tamil Nadu to float separate company for cable TV

The Tamil Nadu government under DMK supremo M Karunanidhi has taken a step forward and said it would float a separate company to run cable TV operations across the state.

The state cabinet today decided that in Chennai, which is a conditional access system (Cas) market, it would function as a multi-system operator (MSO) and it would also expand to other parts of the state.

The move, if successful, can have a major repercussion on Sun Group's SCV which dominates the ground distribution in Tamil Nadu. With the DMK government determined to set up a head-end, Chennai would have three MSOs including SCV and Hathway Cable & Datacom which has a muted presence in the city.

No cable operations are run in India by a state government. The earlier government under Jayalalitha failed to carry out its intention of taking over cable TV operations.

The DMK government has not yet finalised whether it would go directly to cable TV homes or also use its influence to get operators offer its existing network. But it has clearly ruled out cable TV takeovers as the route to spread its network across the state.

hiru said...

It seems that LBN has finally received the shipment of digital boxes. It is good news for those who waited for digital transfer.

Suranga said...

Customer service at LBN head office (Kirula Road) sucks…

I happened to go to the LBN head office to make payment for a digital upgrade and came out with a bitter experience. The people who are there to handle customers were absolutely insane and (one or two of them) didn’t know how to speak politely to the customers.

There were two guys (apparently new) at the counters who didn’t know how to do the paper work for digital upgrades. Then came this young girl who didn’t know how to use her language properly. First question she asked me was if I’m a customer. (As if I’m there to play Chess with her… damn it!) Thereafter she kept on talking in a very impolite tone. (She insisted that I have overdue payments but I have made all payments right on time).

If these people do not know how to speak politely in English, they should use their mother tongue. Also there was a customer who spoke in Sinhala and this stupid girl kept on answering in English. That poor fellow looked very embarrassed.

There wasn’t anyone responsible at that time to complain about this and hence I thought of making it in public. If someone from LBN keeps track of this blog, I am a subscriber from Kohuwala who made payment for a digital upgrade on 11-08-2007. You can find my contact details out of this information in case you need a confirmation of this complain.

I want LBN people to make sure this is the last time such an incident occurs. I am a customer who has been with you even during those tough times. But if I ever get to come across such an incident, I will immediately withdraw my subscription. You should realize that we have other options when it comes to cable TV.

hiru said...

@ Suranga
Probably you would have been attended by a new CC member. Specially the newly recruited cc staff need to learn a lot.

Strangely some CC guys and techs are very good.
e.g I had a issue with my digital remote ( not with digital reception). I was told that once they receive the new boxes, they can sort out the matter ..i too was on the pending list. They called me on last Saturday to check whether I am at home on Sunday. Accordingly it was done on Sunday.

So,lets hope that LBN management would train the new guys/girls pretty soon.

Suranga said...

LBN responded to my complain immediately and I would like to thank them for that. I hope those new people will get trained properly and provide us a good service, as it has been before the troubles started last year.

star said...

DishTV's platform to 200 channels by the end of this month.

Essel Group promoted Direct-to- Home services povider DishTV has chalked out an investment of Rs 800 crore in the next three years to have a strong foothold in the competitive space.

DTH market has been gaining grounds with big companies Reliance, Bharti Group and Sun TV planning to enter this space in the near future. DD Direct, Tata Sky and DishTV are among the three operational DTH players.

"We will invest Rs 800 crore in the next three years for upgradation of our infrastructure and increasing number of channels on our platform. We have already invested Rs 800 crore since the company's inception three years back," Essel Group Additional Vice President and DishTV Managing Director Jawahar Goel said.

DishTV, which currently has 2.25 million subscribers, is targeting a user base of 16-17 million by 2015, Goel said.

He said the company would also increase the number of channels on DishTV's platform to 200 by the end of this month and 400 by mid next year. DishTV currently has 169 channels.

"We will launch a new gaming service from the next month. It will be a pay service and users would be charged Re one per day or collectively for month, who will subscribe to this," Goel said.

The company already has a free gaming service, which provides subscribers with eight games, of which two are changed every month.

DishTV has also recently launched its Set Top Box (STB), which enables users to watch channels on their personal computers.

hiru said...

LBN has updated the new price packs. Digital Premium by 150/- (from 1,100 to 1,250) +vat. I am not too sure about the amount of increase for other packs.

BBC to add soon...check the web

DTV too is going to change the price packs from October ( may be for the new connections)

star said...

Raj TV to launch Tamil news channel in September

The political fortunes are turning in favour of Raj Television Network (RTN) as the rivalry between Sun Group and the ruling DMK government continues in Tamil Nadu.

After a long wait, Raj Television Network (RTN) is speeding up the launch of its Tamil news channel.

"We are targeting August-end or early September for the launch. We have got the government clearance for the news channel," RTN founder-promoter Rajendran.

Raj TVs news venture comes close on the heels of the government's approval on 23 July to start uplinking its channels from within the country. This allows the company to now telecast live content and news which was earlier not possible after its uplinking facilities in Chennai were terminated in 2005.

Raj TV's news channel will be uplinked from the VSNL facility, says Rajendran.

The Southern Network is also targeting the niche television space with the launch of a music channel. Banking on youth programming, 40 per cent of the content will be dedicated to music. The working title for this channel is Raj Music and will initially be launched as a free to air (FTA) channel.

~viraj said...

could somebody please post the LBN website address? or there hotline number? many thanks.

Suranga said...
Hotline 5300300

vista2006 said...

Ten Sports Now on LBN Digital

star said...

TEN SPORTS now on.

They will add BBC, FTv, Animax & Raj Tv very soon.

star said...

SUN DTH operations on September 15

The State Government’s decision to enter the cable television distribution business has rattled existing cable operators in the state, since the government has, so far, remained silent about their future.

Karunanidhi government, whose decision was seen by most as an attempt to break the monopoly of the Maran family-owned Sun Network in the field, maintained a studied silence.

The Tamil Nadu Cable TV Owners Association (TNCTVA) had already appealed to the Chief Minister to protect thousands of operators, who had been involved in the business for more than a decade.

Expressing disappointment over the decision taken during the cabinet meeting on Saturday, Kayal RS Elavarasu, TNCTVA, told this website’s newspaper that there was no mention about the job security of the existing cable TV operators.

The TNCTVA members, who had planned a rally on September 12 to meet Karunanidhi to press their demands, were now planning to meet him sooner than later, since the government was speeding up the work of starting its own MSO.

The operators felt that they had been unfairly caught in the crossfire of what was essentially a battle for the airwaves between the Karunanidhi family and the Marans.

The Sun Network had not issued any communication with regard to the fate of the cable operation business and the direct-to-home (DTH) network either.

Meanwhile, speculation was rife over the Marans launching their DTH operations on September 15, the same day that Karunanidhi family’s Kalaignar TV was scheduled to be launched.

With the arrival of the Sun Network’s DTH, operators feared they would be dealt a double blow, since the DTH service, with its software-driven technology, eliminated the need for MSOs or link operators to provide connections and maintenance services.

star said...

kalaignar tv (new tamil channel)starts its test transmission on august 15th. It is part of raj tv group.

This channel is now available on DISH TV.

hiru said...

Rugby World Cup Matches on NEO +

7th Sept 00:30 France v Argentina

8th Sept 17:15 New Zealand v Italy

14th Sept 0:30 England v South Africa

15th Sept 18:30 Wales v Australia

21st Sept 0:30 France v Ireland

23rd Sept 20:30 Scotland v New Zealand

29th Sept 0:30 Scotland v Italy

30th Sept 20:30 Ireland v Argentina

6th Oct 18:30 Quarter Final 1

6th Oct 0:30 Quarter Final 2

7th Oct 18:30 Quarter Final 3

7th Oct 0:30 Quarter Final 4

13th Oct 0:30 Semi Final 1

14th Oct 0:30 Semi Final 2

20th Oct 0:30 Final

star said...

Hi Friends,

Please check Dish tv's new website( has been launched officially today and it looks to more informative and updated and also better than previous one.

star said...

Now, again Channel V is not working on the digital line for last few days. Still Zee Sports not activated.

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