Monday, August 20, 2007

LBN launches "Ten Sports"

LBN has launched Ten Sports, making them the second pay television operator in Sri Lanka to have the full range of sports channels available in this region.

Now LBN subscribers can tune into the very best of WWE Entertainment, Cricket from this region as well as other sports including UEFA Champions League.

LBN is now making preparations to provide "BBC World", "Animax" and several other channels to their subscribers.


vista2006 said...

hi guys,
if a channel is not working, please inform LBN and they will fix it.
believe it or not, most of the time LBN tech guys dont know the channels are working or not. because they dont
monitor all the channels

star said...

Now, again Channel V is not working on the digital line for last few days. Still Zee Sports not activated.

star said...

TataSky, Sun TV settle dispute on channel sharing

After nearly a year of litigation in Supreme Court and broadcast tribunal TDSAT, Direct-to-Home (DTH) operator TataSky and broadcaster Sun TV have settled their dispute on channel sharing and pricing.

During proceedings at Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal (TDSAT), counsels appearing for both sides today informed the bench that the issue has been resolved and requested to dispose of the petition.

As per the agreement, TataSky a 80:20 joint venture between Tata group and broadcast major Star India, will provide channels in combined packages to subscribers. It was earlier demanding Sun TV's channels on pick and choose basis.

Some of the major channels which will now be available on TataSky's platform are Sun TV, K TV Sun Music, Sun News, Gemini, Teja, Gemini Music, Gemini News, Udaya TV, Udaya News and Chutti TV.

vista2006 said...

Hai guys,
Check out the updated channel list here:

Sinhala guy sri lanka said...

Idd calls walata gewapu kale iwarai !!!!!!!!!

Idd calls walata gewapu kale iwarai !!!!!!!!!

Idd calls walata gewapu kale iwarai !!!!!!!!!

Idd calls walata gewapu kale iwarai !!!!!!!!!

Idd calls walata gewapu kale iwarai !!!!!!!!!

Pudumai eth aththai !!!!!

This is not a joke...

Simply send me a mail...

I'll send u the link.......

Sudhar said...

I think many premium channels are not premium any more on the digital lineup. I am not sure whether its officially or not since no messages are displayed about this move.
Now only 13 channels are premium on the digital lineup.

Even VH1 also in the non premium, please if any one else has knowledge verify my message.

hiru said...

are talking about package differences or premium non premium channels in general?

Sudhar said...

I am talking about the channels in Premium now moved into basic package.
Normally the premium channels are locked with encryption so that only premium subscribers only can watch but few days back i saw many premium channels are non encrypted

hiru said...

Is that so. This may be a temporary move to give basic package customers a taste of premium channels till they change the prices from 01st September.

star said...

If you count digital channels on comet cable, they have 64 channels + 10 local channels (without 3 MTV channels. Altogether 74 channels.

LBN also have 74 channels in their digital.

Following channels are available on COMET but not available on LBN.
1) Hallmark
2) BBC
3) SS Music
6) Tamil Box Office

Following channels are available on LBN but not available on COMET.
1) ZEE Sports
2) DD Sports
3) One Tv
4) B4U Music
5) ZEE Music
6) PTV

Hope, LBN will add more channels intheir line up.

star said...

LBN will add following channels in Sept'07.


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