Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LBN to add 9 more channels?

According to information coming in it seems that LBN have allocated 9 more slots for channels on their system. There is no information on what the channels may be but they may appear in a few days since at the moment LBN are broadcasting repeat channels on those frequencies.

We hope LBN makes arrangements for their subscribers to be able to watch the Olympic Games on their platform via the DD channels.

Please keep us updated on the latest regarding LBN as the days progress.


star said...

Now, it is confirmed that out of 9 slots 02 slots will be given to BBC & Isai Aruvi Channels.

What are the remaining 7 channels?

We need SONY, 9XM, RAJ channels.

star said...

LBN add "Srilavahini" channel in their line up. It is now available on the Digital frequence No.330.

LBN now removed their new digital frequence No.362. Therefore all 9 slots also removed. Soon they will add new channels in that 9 slots and re-introduce the frequency.

Today morning when I called the LBN CC, they don't know about the new frequence & testing new channels.

CPG said...

We bring the Colombo Night Alive

star said...

"Srilavahini" channel not working on LBN list.

Same go to ETV & Channel V. These 2 channels also not working on their digital line up.

star said...

BIG TV will start its DTH operation on 15th Aug 2008 with over 250 channels.

Who is the Sri Lankan agent for BIG TV?

Zam said...

The Digital Premium customers are getting a real raw deal from LBN, it is a sad thing because we are paying more. We don't get ETV, Channel V and Sri Lak Vahini in addition to Max Television, Udhaya TV another local tamil tv. I think LBN should care more for Digital Premium Customers

Vishwa said...

wanna know FTA olimpic feeds

then log on to SATLK

star said...

LBN add one more channel


Digital frequency : 346

But, the question is why they don't add the "ISAIARUVI" channel rather than SS MUSIC?

When they will add RAJ channels?

mad_roker said...

regading the ISAIARUVI, i sopke to them they said since sun music and isaiaruvi is giving similer program lineup they have decided to give ss music. Raj TV still on hold. BBC by end of this month will be added.

star said...

Now LBN removed DD Podhigai (tamil) channel from it line up.

Reason - poor signal.

But, this channel is available on DD DTH free 60cm dish. Why they can't get this channel?

Most of the elder people like this channel. I know lot of elder family go for LBN because of this channel.

Therefore, I hope they will add back this channel soon but without removing SS MUSIC.

star said...

LBN now testing 2 channels on the 362 digital frequency.

1)Colors (New channel)
2)VH1 (repeated)

Soon, they will add few more channels

star said...

From - Reuters

Reliance Communications Ltd said on Tuesday its new satellite television operation can grab a market-leading 40 percent share in a year on expected strong overall demand for direct-to-home (DTH) services.

Big TV, launched on Tuesday by India's second-biggest mobile services provider, will compete with Dish TV, state-owned Prasar Bharti's DD Direct, Sun TV's DTH arm and Tata Sky, a venture of the Tata Group and News Corp.

Top mobile operator Bharti Airtel Ltd and Videocon Industries Ltd also aim to enter the market, which is forecast to expand to 25 million subscribers by 2012, according to research firm Media Partners Asia.

"There is a huge opportunity, as less than 5 percent of all TV homes in India are DTH," Big TV chief executive Arun Kapoor told a news conference, saying the sector should add 11-12 million subscribers over the next year to its current base of around 6 million.

"As more players enter, the market will grow and there is enough room for everyone to grow profitably."

While there was opportunity in urban markets that have a high penetration of cable TV, the real growth would be in smaller towns and villages that lack cable services, Kapoor said. Reliance Communications will also launch Internet Protocol TV shortly.

Big TV will initially roll out in 6,500 towns, offering a set-top box and three-month subscription for 1,490 rupees ($34). Kapoor said the bulk of Big TV's initial costs would be subsidising set-top boxes, without specifying details.

Revenues for the India's television industry are expected to more than double over the next four years, but price controls and regulations such as content-sharing for DTH operators will cap profits and force consolidation, Media Partners Asia has said.

star said...

Big TV DTH service was launched officially

ADAG group company Reliance Communications officially announced the launch of "Big TV DTH" service across India in 6,500 towns. Big TV will offer around 200 channels in the initial days and will increase them to around 250 channels. Big TV will offer 20 dedicated movie channels and 10 interactive channels and gaming channels. Company is planning to offer High Definition channels within 2 months.

Company redesigned their official website on the launch date but still some sections are far from complete. R-Com set a target of 40% market share within 1 year for its launch. Dish TV is the current market leader with 3.5 million subscribers. Sun Direct and Big TV are the only platforms that are now available on high quality MPEG-4 technology.

Big TV DTH service will be available officially across India from August 21st onwards especially in small towns.

star said...

Big TV subscription offers: (Unofficial sources)

1. 1490 - 3 months subscription free to the top end package.
2. 2490 - 6 months subscription free to the top end package.
3. 3990 - 9 months free subscription free to the top end package.
4. 4990 - 12 months free subscription free to the top end package.

Package prices: Rs 100-175. Regional packages- Rs 30 per package.
Big TV will be available across 1 lakh retail outlets in 6,500 towns. Click here to locate local Big TV dealer.

star said...

LBN now added 01 new channel on the 362 digital frequency. They have removed all other test channels.

1)Colors (New channel)

Soon, they will add few more channels

Kalaingar said...

Colors channel website

LKDOOD said...

Reliance Big TV launched


Sri Lanka In Focus-NEWS BLOG

star said...

Today LBN add BBC channel on their line up.

So, this month LBN add 2 good channels


Kalaingar said...

The sound quality of the BBC is very poor, The Video Quality is also very low compared to other channels. I think LBN really needs to do something regarding the blank channels such as Channel V, Srilakvahini and ETV.

star said...

I thing LBN geting the BBC Channel from Dialog DTH.

Yesterday around 1.00PM to 2.00PM, Dialog List menu was their on the BBC frequency with HBO Signature channel on the small box.

Therefore, I thing LBN is getting the BBC Channel through Dialog DTH connection. That is one of the reason for poor sound & picture quality.

Amaris said...

DTV has rights to distribute BBC in Sri Lanka. So LBN MUST be taking the feed from them...

Usefull Infomation said...

Would LBN be adding - AXN BEYOND, SCI FI SONY(Broadcast in English) - Please let me know?

Raz-00-n said...

LBN is going to Add Sun News pretty soon, I think they should also have Sony Max as this is the only channel that telecasts cricket that is not in LBN list

Kalaingar said...

ESPN Star Sports, a joint venture between Walt Disney Co.'s ESPN and News Corp.'s Star, paid $975 million for the exclusive, 10-year commercial rights for a new international cricket league based on a faster-moving, shorter version of the famously lengthy game. The purchase gives ESPN Star Sports the television, title-sponsorship, mobile-phone and Internet rights to the Champions League Twenty20 cricket tournament.

ESPN Star Sports beat out the Abu Dhabi Sports Club and the Dubai Investment Council for the rights to the eight-team tournament, which will be held for the first time in December. The location has yet to be decided. The Champions League is based on the European soccer competition, where the best city teams from across the continent play in a tournament.

In the Twenty20 format, games last about three hours, compared with five days for top-level traditional cricket. The format was a success when introduced in India earlier this year, complete with cheerleaders, Bollywood songs and the financial backing of some of India's wealthiest. The Indian Premier League, which consists of eight teams from different cities around the country, is the first city-based cricket league in India.

The Indian league was won by the Rajasthan Royals, who will represent India in the Champions League, along with the runners-up, the Chennai Super Kings. The other teams in the Champions League will be from Australia, South Africa, Pakistan and England. The tournament will offer $6 million in total prize money and games will be broadcast globally.

"This novel concept of the top Twenty20 teams from the premier cricketing nations playing off against each other will surely take the game to another new level altogether," said R.C. Venkateish, managing director of ESPN Software India Pvt Ltd.

ESPN is 88%-owned by Walt Disney Co. News Corp. owns Dow Jones, publisher of The Wall Street Journal.

ILHAM - The Boss said...

LBN Digital Service is now available with unparalleled picture quality and even more channels. Launched from our brand new state of the art control room this service will revolutionise the viewing experience for Sri Lankan television viewers.

Advantages :

1. Clarity :
The picture quality will be the best available in Sri Lanka on any network. Even digital pictures have grades of quality that is decided by the amount of bandwidth allocated to each channel. With maximum bandwidth allocation on cable that is not available to satellite or over the air networks you will enjoy the best possible picture

2. Sound :
Superior sound quality. Where ever a broadcaster is making available 5.1 surround sound or stereo sound this will now be available to you. For example HBO and VH1 will be available with CD quality digital stereo sound.

3. New Channels :
We will be introducing 80 TV channels such on our Digital service shortly at no extra cost.

4. Future Services :

HD TV – High Definition TV
VOD - Video On Demand
EPG - Electronic Program Guide
Commerce - Interactive services such as shopping etc

Usefull Infomation said...

I also got a dish tv connection for Rs. 12750/= These Guys say that they will install islandwide and also maintain the equipment.

Amaris said...

Now that PEOTV has Fashion TV in their lineup why can't LBN add that too?

star said...


When LBN will add that channel?

AMD said...

Oh please LBN has already enough of Tamil channels.

They should add some channels to fill the space of ETV & channel V or remove those slots all together.

star said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
star said...

LBN has only 8 tamil channels.

It is not enough for us. There are few good tamil channels still missing on their line up.


Why they can't add few of above in add-on package and who ever want can pay extra and get those channels.

Kalaingar said...

I think Star is right, Zee Tamil is an important channel because they have rights for most of the latest tamil films. Although Mega TV is a total crap, Jaya Channels and Raj Channels should be added. And further more we are paying for crap channels. I think LBN should introduce Set Plans. For e.g. I have digital premium just to watch TEN Sports and Star Cricket. Personally I am not a HBO fan. But I am paying for HBO.

Usefull Infomation said...

Well I agree with AMD - with regarding to TAMIL CHANNELS 0- It's Time more ENGLISH Channels are addedukwfm

AMD said...

I wish they introduce Channel V International, cuz badly need another English Music Channel.

What about AXN Beyond & FTV ?

star said...

Airtel to launch DTH service from 9 October

Bharti Airtel is set to offer its direct-to-home (DTH) service beginning 9 October, to coincide with the occasion of Dussehra.

Bharti is launching the service with 175 channels under the 'Airtel Digital TV' brand.

In the first phase, the DTH service will be rolled out in 62 cities and will be available through 21,000 retail points including 'Airtel Relationship Centres.'

Says Bharti Airtel CEO and joint MD Manoj Kohli, “Today we are starting a new chapter in our journey, one that adds a new dimension to our existing product portfolio and is a major step towards transforming Airtel from just a telecom brand of lifestyle enabler. The launch of Airtel digital TV is the culmination of our three screens strategy, which is to be present across mobile phone, computer and TV screens.”

Bharti will be the sixth DTH service provider, with Reliance ADA Group's Big TV launching ahead on 19 August. Dish TV is the oldest operator and the market leader with a subscriber base of 3.94 million while Tata Sky has 2.7 million and Sun Direct over one million customers. State-owned Prasar Bharati's DTH service DD Direct Plus is the only free-to-air service, where consumers do not pay any monthly subscription fees.

"We believe that the Indian DTH segment offers immense growth potential going forward. Given our deep understanding of Indian customers, we believe that Airtel has created an excellent product offering. With added benefits of Airtel's strong brand equity and wide distribution network, we are well placed to emerge as a leading player in the segment," says Bharti Airtel president – Telemedia Services Atul Bindal.

Airtel Digital TV will have three different packages for the North and Southern markets. For the Northern market, the package starts from Rs 2,499 while for the South the offer starts from Rs 1,499. Depending on the language and genre of channels, Airtel is also offering top-ups, the monthly tariffs for which would range between Rs 125-Rs 424.

Explains Bindal, “It would be wrong to say that Airtel is targeting the premium segment. We believe that the consumer is ready to shell out more for the best services. We have fixed the price after studying the market.”

Airtel Digital TV is also offering 10 channels of Worldspace Satellite Radio which will be offered free in certain packages as well as other interactive services like Airtel Live which include iShop and iMatinee.

Bharti Airtel has booked seven Ku-band transponders on Insat- 4CR and has MPEG 4 standard with DVB S2 technology broadcasting centre at Manesar, Haryana. For encryption software, Airtel has partnered with NDS.

Elaborates Bharti Telemedia executive director N Arjun, “We have permission for seven transponders and have applied for more in future. We have charted a three-year plan and have submitted it to Isro.”

Bharti has roped in Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Vidya Balan and R Mahadevan, music director AR Rahman and cricketers Gautam Gambhir and Zaheer Khan for the promotional campaign.

Bharti has set up a 24X7 customer care which is available in eight languages.

star said...

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV web address:

star said...

AIRTEL DIGITAL TV offers 17 tamil channels, all the sports channels, all the Hindi channels & all the English channels.

What a option for all of us!!!!!!

star said...

Airtel digital TV uses the latest MPEG4 standard with DVB S2 technology, which translates into exceptional picture clarity and consistent high quality audio for the customer. This latest technology also enables delivery of more complex interactive content and is High Definition ready. Also, Airtel digital TV uses 20% larger dish antenna that offers better performance during rain.

Besides the latest technology., Airtel digital TV brings many firsts to the DTH segment in India:

1) Universal remote for both Set Top box and TV that offers enhanced viewer convenience
2)Highest Set Top Box memory enabling more interactive applications
3) Exclusive content such as World space radio
4) Interactive applications such as iMatinee (Book cinema tickets), iTravel (Browsw and book travel packages), iShop (Shop on TV for your favourite brands), iCity (Get your city's information) and Widgets (Update yourself on latest stock news). 8 screen iNews, 2/4 screen iSports
5) Amazing games with high quality graphics, refreshed every six weeks
6) Audio gain control for uniform audio levels across all channels
7) Simple and intuitive search
8) On screen account meter
9) Last viewed channel in case of power disruption/switch off
10) Low battery indicator on the screen.

Kalaingar said...

Its a shame, the T20 Matches are showing LIVE on ARY Digital, an FTA Channel from Pakistan. If you have a FTA Satellite Dish Antenna you can see them live. but I hope LBN replace atleast one channel from current list to show the match to LBN customers

AMD said...

Nothing is happening with LBN & with the blog!

Called them & they said that they hav no plans to add any new channels in the immediate future.

Cant they add something to fill in ETV & channel V ? At least some good FTA channels ? or remove them ?

mad_roker said...

Good News for Tamil music lovers LBN introduced Isai Aruvi channel.....

star said...

LBN added 2 new channels today


ISAI ARUVI is a one of the BEST tamil music channel.

PHOENIX NEWS is a china news & business channel.

Kalinger Tv change the satilite. To get the Kalinger Tv, you have to re-tune the LBN decorder.

star said...

Now, LBN have 80 digital channels. But, out of which the following channels are not available on their digital line up:

1) ETV
2) Channel V
3) Srilakvahini
4) Tv Lanka

So, you will get only 76 channels in their digital line up.

star said...

Hope, LBN will add RAJ Tv, RAJ Music, JAYA PLUS, JAYA MAX & WIN TV soon.

Kalaingar said...

With this addition of channels the quality of the other channels has gone down drastically. Channels like Al Jazeera, Colors, Isai Aruvi and Phoenix all has some problem, it pauses at times. I think they should get rid of the quality issue before they keep adding on these unnecessary channels like phoenix, colors. I like to ask who requested Phoenix, I know Isaiaruvi was requested but why this chinese channel for Sri Lankans. I think LBN people doesn't think too much about what their subcribers want, that has been the big problem.

AMD said...

Exactly, who on earth wants a Chinese news channel !!!! Is LBN mad ?

And why cant they give Channel V & ETV to digital premium customers ??? Its really silly how they go about allocating channels.

vidana said...

LBN gives a good deal.But their coverage is not improving still Colombo 05 is not covered fully

Lot of ppl go to other places bcos of no coverage

AMD said...

At least DTV dosent add Chinese News channels like LBN! They have added Phoenix news recently, so now not only do we have HINDI lessons but CHIN CHONG business talk too!!!

mad_roker said...

I think there targeting all the comunity in there area. thats why they must be added this channel. and I feel LBN is the only cable provider has a blanced channel line up for the all the pakacges.

star said...

LBN can easily add few more channels in their line up because they are the cable tv operators and they don't have any additional cost.

Hope, they will add few more channels soon.

But, the quality of BBC channel on LBN is very poor. I thing they are getting this channel through DIALOG DTH.

AMD said...

@ mad_roker

Tell me the location of China Town pls

star said...

LBN has removed BEST 3 tamil channels


These 3 channels are not available in their line up for last few days.

Hope, they will add back soon.

AMD said...

Thank you LBN.

AMD said...

LBN has to concentrate on adding more ENGLISH channels. There are enough of Hindi & Tamil crap on its lineup. They may have lots of customers in their limited coverage area who want more tamil channels, but must remember that there are customers who want ENGLISH AS WELL

star said...


Tamil channels are NOT crap.

We need more tamil channels.

LBN should add english channels too. But, not on the expenses of tamil channels.

SUN TV & KTV are the BEST 2 tamil channels not only in Sri Lanka but also in India. Therefore, LBN should add those channels immediately without any delay.

star said...

LBN now added MEGA TV in their line up.

It is for few days until SUN TV back.

Kalaingar said...

Hey guyz, why bother and complain about LBN, Dish TV is perfect with more than 300 channels. The setup cost is Rs.16,000/-, And the monthly rental is Rs.300 (Indian Rupees which is about Rs. 700 in Sri Lanka) costs less than LBN's basic package. I have already done away with my LBN Package, so can you.

star said...


You are right. But DISH TV have only 195 channels. Far more than LBN.

Even SUN DIRECT is available with Rs12,500/= cost including 1 year free subscription. It is a basic package with 110 Tv channels.

Sun direct quality is better than DISH TV. But you have less channels.

AMD said...

If ull want to have the Indian version of all the HBO channels ( with ads ), if ull dont want HALLMARK & want to watch all HINDI crap then DISH TV is ur best choice. Do u guys honestly want even 400 channels ??? Do u actually have tome to watch even 50 ? U judge a good provider by the QUALITY of the channels NOT the QUANTITY of channels.

Amaris said...

@ Kalainagar

If you don't have/ don't want an LBN connection this place is not for you. This is a discussion about LBN and not a place to promote other providers. So please f**k off.

star said...

@ Amaris,

When we are discussing about LBN, we have to discuss what are the other alternatives available and how can LBN improve with that.

Therefore, we have to accept all their views too. Also, we must know what are other options for us.
DISH TV is one of the BEST option. But quality wise still LBN DIGITAL is the BEST.

Now, so many days SUN TV channel is not available on LBN. What are they doing?

Kalaingar said...

I was not disturbed by your comments. Even before I had subscribed to LBN I was a member here. I wanted to see the user comments before I subscribed. Now I am a member at to see which is good. I still believe Sri Lanka is a democratic country and anyone can voice their opinion on any subject. If this forum is only for LBN users then they should stop others from joining in, rather than using rude remarks like amaris has used. Personally I think amaris prefer to have only English channels. He doesn't want any addition in tamil channels. that in itself sounds very sick. I would also like to get a clarification from the admin as well regarding this

Amaris said...

Any one can voice their opinion. But this forum is to express opinions about LBN. READ THE RULES

star said...

Breaking News:

LBN not paid the due amount to SUN TV Group. That is why SUN TV channels are removed from LBN. It is not technical issue as explain by the LBN.

LBN should pay the due amount to SUN TV Group immediately and get back those channels.

Is LBN has a cash problem?

AMD said...

DTV has changed the INDIAN feeds of Cartoon Network to the ASIAN feed & the NICK INDIAN feed as well.
LBN should also do the same.

mad_roker said...

@ star. i thing your wrong about LBN not paying to sun tv, its the agent for sri lanka has not paied to sun tv that is the reason. but according to them sun will back very soon after sorting out the ayment problem.

Kalaingar said...

These payment issues are a big problem, for an established company like LBN, they can't give lame excuses for missing out on important programmes on Sun & Ktv. If this happens to some network like Dish, the whole company will be in trouble. I think LBN should give a rebate to customers if things like this happen, they gave a rebate when there were powercuts in Colombo. Personally, I know most people are waiting with LBN because of Sun TV, there will be a massive exodus when Dialog introduces Sun TV I am sure.

star said...


Why LBN is getting SUN TV channels through an agent? Why they can't get directly?

Who is that agent?

Why they are telling it is a technical problem?

AMD said...

Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka ODI Series
Starts Thu 20th Nov,
13.30 SL TIME.