Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sun TV off air! LBN having cash problems?

According to reports coming in it seems that the Sun TV channels are off air on LBN. Initially LBN said that it was a technical problems but according to recent reports it seems that LBN have not paid their dues to Sun TV which has resulted in the removal of the channel from their lineup.

We hope that LBN sorts out the problem regarding Sun TV since many LBN susbcribers view this channel. In addition it should be said that this sort of cash flow problems should not arise since it could lead to further problems and LBN could end up like Comet Cable.

If the present management of LBN cannot run the company then should get some new investors to bail out the company or many subscribers will be left without any service for the hardearned money that they invested.


AMD said...

According to an email i received from SUN TV, the rights for re-broadcasting SUN TV in Sri Lanka is held by MTV/MBC. So maybe LBN is receiving the channel through them ??

Apstar02 said...

well i don't think so, is might be a problem where now SUN network (Sun TV) has its own DTH service called SUN DIRECT, this might clash with LBN broadcast. YES MBC/MTV has there rebroadcasting rights, but they too get it from SUN DIRECT.

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