Friday, November 14, 2008

LBN says no financial issue

As per our previous post titled "Sun TV off air? LBN having cash problems" Mr. Shirantha Herath - Managing Director of LBN has replied saying that the reason for the withdrawal of Sun TV was due to the piracy by illegal cable operators and losses incurred by Sun TV as a result and is not in any way related to any payment issue. Accordingly all payments by LBN have been carried out on due dates.

LBN has also expressed their disappointment with this blog for not contacting them before carrying out the post in order to obtain their views. We wish to apologise to them regarding this issue and have already conveyed our apologies directly to Mr Shirantha.

LBN has already indicated that they will make representations to Sun TV and resume transmission as soon as possible.

We have also contacted Sun TV but have not received any reply from them regarding this matter.

We wish to thank LBN for contacting us and clearing the air regarding the withdrawal of Sun TV.


star said...

First of all we must thanks Mr. Shirantha Herath - Managing Director of LBN. Thanking for your reply sir.

But, still I have few questions.

Did LBN get the SUN TV legally or illegally? If they get legally, then there is no question of piracy by LBN.

Why SUN TV cancel the LBN transmission? They should cancel only the piracy illegal cable operator's connections.

Why LBN couldn't do it without disconnection of SUN TV? Why they waited for the last min.?

Is there any communication between LBN & SUN TV before disconnection?

Many of us are with LBN only because of the SUN TV. Now, we are missing all important programs.

Hope, we will get the SUN TV soon.


i have a query. if they have problems with the transmission of sun tv ktv and sun music how are they able to transmit soorya and chutti tv which comes under the same group. can anybody explain me the same.

AMD said...

I have been sending emails to for sometime now but eigther the mail returns or there is no response. Does anyone know any other email add to contact LBN ?

mad_roker said...

soorya & chutty os FTA channels

star said...


soorya and chutti tv are FREE to air channels. Therefore, any one can get the free signal.

But sun tv, ktv and sun music are pay channels. Therefore, you need the approval & permission from SUN TV to telecast these channels.


thanks for the confirmation mad rocker and star
. however I also wrote a mail to sun tv directly. I have been responded that they have their programs rebroadcasted through Sakthi tv and they do not have legal distributors in sri lanka.

AMD said...


If u read the previous thread u will know that i have already posted this information.

star said...

Re-broadcasting programs are different from live telecasting programs.

Sakthi Tv has the right to re-broadcast the programs only. They don't telecast live of SUN TV with same SUN TV adds & news.

Cable Tv company can get the approval from SUN TV and live telecast the same channel through their cable line in.

duva said...

thanks AMD and star. I also spoke to the LBN. They still say that they are in discussion with the Sun Tv India to get the rights for direct transmission and the entire issue will be solved with in this week.

hoping for the best.