Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

We take this opportunity to wish the Management & Staff of LBN, Our fellow Bloggers

"A Very Happy and Prosperous 2009.
May the New Year be a Blessed one for all of you"

We thank all of you for your contributions and also thank LBN for the wonderful support that was extended towards us.


LANKA INFO said...

Bharti Airtel to launch Sri Lanka operations on 12th January 2009

ILHAM - The Boss said...

Airtel Now in Sri Lanka
Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd was granted a license in 2007, in accordance with the Sri Lanka Telecommunications Act No. 25 of 1991 and is also a registered company under the Board of Investment in Sri Lanka. Under the license, the company will provide digital mobile services to Sri Lanka inclusive of voice telephony, voice mail, data services and GSM based services. All of these services are to be provided under the Airtel brand.

Where can I buy an Airtel Connection ?
Just walk into your nearest outlet with Airtel Signage and request for a Prepaid Connection from the Retailer. They will be happy to accommodate your request. What documents should I provide to obtain a connection?
You need to a copy of your National Identity Card or Passport or Driving License to the retailer. How long it will take me to activate a connection?
Almost immediately. Your connection will be activated while you wait at the outlet. How do I recharge my account?
You can recharge your account from our Airtel Outlets spread throughout the country. What are the different methods available to recharge my prepaid account?
You may recharge your account either through the use of our reload method or Recharge card method. How do I reload my prepaid account?
Simply walk into any of our Airtel prepaid retailer outlets and request for an Airtel reload Why is there no SMS redelivery after my reload or recharge?
Check whether your mail box has exceeded capacity. If so, delete messages to accommodate your reload message. How do I recharge my account with a prepaid card?
Simply walk into one of our Airtel retailer outlets and purchase a prepaid card in your convenient denomination. Simply follow the instructions given in the back of the card How do I report my lost SIM ?
You may report your lost SIM by making a personal visit to any of our Airtel Exclusive Outlets or Brand shoppe’s and receive a replacement SIM My query is not listed here. What should I do?
Any queries that are not included in any of the FAQ’s listed above may be directed to our Customer care hotline. Simply dial xxx on your mobile phone to seek advise from any of our customer care agents.
Airtel VAS World offers you the simplest on boarding experience with a world of entertainment.

VAS World offers you the ultimate in Mobile value added service experience. Indulge yourself in a journey that offers wide verity of services raging form Music to high-speed 3G data services that will keep you entertained. Remember with Airtel VAS world you are never alone no matter who you are or where you may be.

For more information on Airtel Value Added Services

Access Type Number Action
Voice –Customer Care 555 Dial 555 and follow instructions
USSD-VAS Portal *111# Dial *111# and press send button
E Mail Send in an e mail to

Note : *111# (USSD Menu- Simply Dial the above and press send key to receive an Interactive Menu in your phone to access Airtel VAS World)

Visit the nearest Airtel Retail Outlet/ Airtel Exclusive Outlet or Airtel Brand Shoppe for more exciting information on Airtel VAS world.
Airtel 3G Services

Welcome to the world of mobile broad band with Airtel 3G. Browse internet at your convenience busing you GPRS/3G Mobile phone with Airtel 3G Internet.

• Airtel Live Video Portal with Live TV

• High speed Internet access via 3.5 G

• Video Calls


• Data cards

• Airtel Live 3G/W@P Portal

• Airtel Instant Messenger Service

• Blackberry Services

Key Information on Airtel 3G Services

Service Number Action
Information on 3G Based VAS Services Yes Send an SMS: YES to 756

Simply Dial 7551 to Activate your Airtel Welcome Tune !

Airtel Welcome Tunes is the perfect way to keep your callers entertained while you pick the call.

Airtel offers the finest collection of Sinhala, English, Tamil and Hindi music to suite your personality.
How to activate:

Access Type Number Action
Voice 7551 Dial 7551 and follow instructions
USSD *888# Dial *888# and press send button

AMD said...

SL vs PAK ODI Series,

1st ODI, 20th @ 12.15,


LANKA INFO said...

Call charges comparison between Sri Lanka’s Mobile service providers

star said...

LBN added Kalanger Siripoli (new tamil) channel now.

Removed mega Tv from the list.

End of this month, LBN will add SUN TV, KTV & SUN MUSIC. Hope, they will not remove the JAYA MAX channel.

JAYA MAX is the one of the best tamil music channel.

star said...

SUN DIRECT added the following channels:

457 - FX

459 - FoxCrime

547 - NatGeo WILD

Hope, LBN will add those channels soon.

star said...


LBN added SUN TV today.

No news about KTV & SUN MUSIC

star said...

LBN now removed the SUN TV. I thing they are testing at the movement. Soon, we will get it.

jeromine said...

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