Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Sun TV back on air

Popular tamil language channel SUN TV has returned to LBN after several months. The absence was due to piracy by small scale pay television operators. The sister channels operated by Sun TV such as Sun Music are not back as yet however we believe that they would also return soon. Mobile Posting powered by Yahoo GO!


star said...

SUN TV channel is removed after few hours time on LBN.

It is not availble from last evening onwards.

I thing still they didn't get the approval from SUN network to telecast the SUN channels.

Hope, it will be done soon.

Hope, LBN will not remove the JAYA MAX.

star said...

DD Sports was replaced by DD National channel on LBN line up. This is to show the IND vs NZ series.

Hope, LBN will add SET MAX to show all the NZ matches in NZ.

star said...

LBN added MEGA TV and FASION TV to their line up.

Fasion Tv will be activated on request.

MEGA TV was earlier available on LBN but removed and replaced with KALANGER SRIPOLI channel. Now, it is added as a new channel.


DD SPORTS is back and replaced the DD NATIONAL channel.

Last 2 days all 3 JAYA channels are not available. They may be back in 2 days time.

star said...

LBN added JAYA TV now. But it is from DISH TV feed. Therefore, picture quality is very poor. Still JAYA PLUS & JAYA MAX are not added.

star said...

Last night LBN added RAJ MUSIC channel. It is on test mode. They may add this channel to replace JAYA MAX. But, JAYA MAX is the BEST tamil music channel.

star said...

Germany's international broadcaster Deutche Welle, which already runs DW-TV Asia in India , today announced the launch of a channel, DW-TV Asia+.

DW-TV Asia+ will hold a programming mix of 18 hours of English language. The remaining six hours will be dedicated to German content.

DW-TV Asia+ will be available on Sun Direct, DD Direct + DTH

The already present channel DW-TV Asia, meanwhile, will offer 16 hours of programming in German and eight hours in English. The channel is targeted at viewers from German-speaking countries living abroad, or to those interested in learning German.

star said...

SUN DIRECT DTH added Fox Tv, Fox Crime Tv & Real Tv in their line up.

AMD said...

LBN needs to add SET MAX for the IPL matches

LANKA INFO said...

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Sun Direct launches HDTV services

shalus2310 said...

Its gud newz sun tv is back on air.

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