Sunday, April 12, 2009

Suba Aluth Awruddak Wewa

We take this opportunity to wish the management and staff of LBN and our fellow bloggers "Suba Aluth Awruddak".

We thank you for the support extended towards us and for your invaluable contributions and look forward to continue with you into the future.


irshad said...

I am not sure whether to go for LBN or Dialog tv. LBN sounds cheaper but does not have SET MAX which broadcasts IPL?

Is it worth chosing Dialog, just to watch IPL or should I wait for sometime and see how things prgress in PEO tv?

madhusha99 said...

Dont buy Dailogtv!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AMD said...


AMD said...

LBN is testing MGM Asia.

shalus2310 said...

LBN shud consider expanding their network further into areas not covered as yet.

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