Thursday, April 23, 2009

LBN testing MGM Asia

LBN has commenced the testing of MGM Asia movie channel. This is indeed a great move by LBN since they will be first pay network in Sri Lanka to offer the channel.


shalus2310 said...

Its a gud move by lbn commencing dis channel for the first time.

star said...

LBN now testing one more local channel call "gospel Vision Tv".

SS Music Tv channel in India change to "LEE MUSIC". LBN still showing blank screen for SS Music. They have to change to LEE Music. LBN is late on this.

LBN will soon add few more new channels.

Amaris said...

Fashion TV also available

You have to call and ask them to activate it for your subscription.

Kumar said...

LBN getting worse and worse. Customer service is very poor not answering at all. I tried on 08th May more than 10 times since LBN out after raining no response, i got the connection only on 09th may. Similarly i try serveral times yesterday(11th May) to customer support no response. But when they disconnect they will do this on time even we pay the arrears. We are just paying for nothing. No SUN TV yet, Yesterday whole night Jeya TV out, Local channels are not clear, sometimes no color. I advice anyone those who wish to get LBN, don't waste money buy any satellite dish which will provide more channels with less price.

AMD said...

Yes LBN customer service is really lousy.

They seem to be forever having problems with local channels especially EYE during the matches.

STAR MOVIES volume is really low compared to others.

I really dont know why they cant implement EPG. Are they so outdated ?
You dont even get the correct time on the decoder!!!

star said...

Last few days, specially in nights, most of tamil channels are not working. Even last night, we are not getting signal for Kalanger Siripoli, Kalanger Isai aruvi, Lee Music. Raj Music channel is not working at all. Why they can't get the good signal for these channels?

Will they add Vasantham Tv in their line up? Now, LBN is slow in adding channels. They too don't have good tamil channels in their line up like PEO TV & Dialog TV.

愛莎Cherry said...

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