Monday, June 22, 2009

LBN requires more channels

With impending competition from Dialog TV and PEO TV. LBN should take steps to launch more channels on their platform. One thing that LBN has to an advantage is that most of the areas covered by LBN has a strong Tamil speaking population and therefore since LBN have more tamil channels than the other two operators they are able to maintain their subscriber base. But LBN has to expand out of their comfort zone and take on these two wigs.

In the recent past we are hearing of bad customer service and technical problems resulting in channels being off air for considerable time are being reported.

We hope these are sorted out soon.


star said...

Yes, LBN has more tamil channels than other 2 operators. But, still their tamil channels are not upto the standard. No SUN Channels. Most of the tamil channels are not working in the nights. RAJ MUSIC is not working at all. JAYA TV is coming from DISH TV & quality is very poor. On raining time, no JAYA TV.

So, most of their customers are now shifting to DISH TV or SUN DIRECT.

AMD said...

LBN is really drying up. No new channels, No upgrading in the network, no coverage improvements, c/c still as useless as ever, even the website is still the same old boring format. C'mon LBN, wake up!

Kumar said...

It is true. No SUN TV, more than an year. Kalaiyar and Siripoli is almost dead these days. Getting struck and thereafter it is remain same. What about Vasantham TV on LBN, Dialog already added??

star said...

Vasantham Tv now added to LBN Analog (Basic) package. Still not added to Digital package. So, LBN don't have enough Digital decorders to add new channels in their Digital Line up.

So, now we have few channels on LBN only on Analog (Basic) package not on Digital Package.

This shows they do not have fund to invest for future expansion and even don't have fund to get the SUN channels telecast rights.

Still no solution for RAJ MUSIC channel. If you check LBN digital line up, there are more than 5 channels blank for months. Just for name, they are appearing but no channels.

No EPG. If you check their web site, still they are telling about Internet through cable (now more than 2 years).

They have to improve by adding new channels in their line up.

star said...

Now, ZEE TAMIL also added on LBN, but only on Analog mode & not on Digital Line up.

When I checked the Analog Channels today after few months, signal level of few of the channels are very weak. Is it like before?

Kumar said...

What is the frequency of Zee Tamil, is it new frequency or replacing any exisiting one??

star said...

ZEE TAMIL on VHF low frequency before MEGA TV. But, both these channels' sinal are weak. Still, I am getting ZEE TAMIL in colur.

Kumar said...

I couldn't get Mega TV or Zee TV, is it near to National Geographic??

star said...

It is before NEO SPORTS & Channel News Asia. But, signal level is low. But, I couldn't check it for last few days. I will check today night & let you know.

star said...


I checked it last night. ZEE TAMIL is working, but signal is weak. It is on VHF LOW frequency. This is the first channel on VHF LOW frequency & then Mega Tv & Channels News Asia.

But, if your Tv is old, this frequency may not available in your Tv. I had the same problem in my old Tv.

But, when I checked with CC, they have told me "sorry, ZEE Tamil is not added".

But, when I checked with one of the staff, he knows that. He told me within 2-3 weeks time, they will get few more decorders & will add few more channels. That time, both, Vasantham Tv & Zee Tamil will come on Digital Line up.

AMD said...

Since the last few days AXN has been experiencing issues.

mad_roker said...

LBN added Z tamil on there digital line up. now they slowly improving there channels now

star said...

LBN added ZEE TAMIL channel on Digital line up by removing RAJ MUSIC channel which is not working for more than 01 month.

Now, ZEE TAMIL was removed from the Analog line up.

mad_roker said...

but there was no official confirmation on analog. when i inquired they said its only for digital customers.

star said...

I thing they have tested ZEE TAMIL on analog mode for few days. Now, they removed it from Analog mode. Only available Digital mode.

Dialog DTH is adding up lot of new channels.

LBN is still not add any new English channels.

star said...

Now, Chutty Tv (tamil) & Suriya Tv (malayalam) channels are not working on LBN. Both these channels are from SUN group & those are FREE channels.

star said...

On LBN DIGITAL, Nickelodeon channel has 2 Language. One in Hindi & one in English.

Please press Audio key in the remote & change it to "Right" side, you will get English audio. If you change it to "Left" side, you will get Hindi audio.

star said...

On LBN DIGITAL, you will get 83 channels out of which the following 6 channels are not working:

So, you will get only 77 channels.

DIALOG DTH has 71 channels as at now. Sonn, they by pass LBN.

So, why LBN can't add more channels? They are cable tv operators. They can add more channels than DTH operators because they cost of adding channels are very low.

AMD said...

I inquired from LBN. They said they are not launching any new English Channels for the moment.

Kalaingar said...

LBN has lost many customers because of their lethargic responses. I had a digital connection for a year but their channel lineup only increased 3 or 4 channels. We pay nearly 1,500 and still they say channels may go off with or without notice. For e.g. Sun TV went off the air, I know LBN couldn't do anything about it, the only they could have done is perhaps reduced the rental. I have now gone for DishTV, the only drawback being local channels. They only charge LKR 458.00, for an appealing more than 150 channels (although nearly half are crap)the cost is very less.

mad_roker said...

Dish is cheeper but some thing goes wrong there service is no one to ask.but in sri lankan company's at least we have some to talk.

star said...

As a cable tv operators, we are expecting more from LBN.


You are right. Today, I called the LBN CC and asked about Chutty Tv, they have told me now it is a paid channel therefore, they have replaced with ZEE TAMIL channel.

So, they don't know any thing. Chutty Tv is not a pay channel. It is part of SUN group channel. Sun group, last week, change the decorder boxes of all the cable tv operators. LBN couldn't collect the new decorder box from SUN group. Therefore, they couldn't get this channel.

Last week, ZEE TAMIL was replaced with RAJ MUSIC on LBN & not with Chutty Tv.


Nothing will happen to DISH TV. There are so many local agents are their to look after DISH TV. But, BEST thing is to pay 1 year subscription. Then, you will have no problem about your renewal.

star said...

In June 2006, LBN has sent us a letter signed by their Managing Director. This letter was sent us at the time they have introduced the LBN DIGITAL service.

In that letter they have mention the following future services:

1) HD TV
2) Video on Demand
3) EPG
4) Interactive services
5) Over 200 tv channels.

Now, we have passed 3 years, still, none of the above services started.

At the time of introducing digital services, they have around 70 channels and after 3 years they have around 77 channels.

So, they have added only 7-8 channels last 3 years. Very poor show by LBN.

AMD said...


I have the email ID of a lady at LBN. She usually replys very quickly to my emails. Why dont u mail her with all our questions and see what she has to say ?

star said...


I have few contacts inside LBN team. They are happy as it is. They have no plan to expand the No. of channels because they need more investments.

What are the questions did you ask her & what was the reply? Please share it with us.

Kalaingar said...

I have no complains against LBN, their technical team is best, you call one day, and next day they are there. But Digital Connection is too expensive, they should have another digital package, for e.g. I am not an HBO fan, but I still have to pay for all the HBO Channels. I know that costs about Rs.400/- it self, in order to get all the sports channels I have to get Digital Premium. Personally I think one HBO Channel would be enough, All the films that shows in the HBO main channel will only be shown in the other HBO channels. Dish doesn't have local agents true, but it is an established Indian firm. Compare the annual rental total of LBN Digital Premium is approx 17,500, Where as Dish's will cost around 5,700

star said...

LBN now replaced the Chutty Tv with "DAN TAMIL" channel on their digital line up.

Also, TV Lanka channel back on Digital Line up.

Also, they have replaced the name of Channel V, SUN TV & Suriya Tv to "test" channel. So, now, they have 3 test channel without any channel on their Digital Line up.

Still SUN MUSIC channel name is their and it also may be change to test soon.

star said...

Kalaignar TV launches Kalaignar Asia;

The coming few weeks will see Kalaignar TV adding one more general entertainment channel (GEC), Kalaignar Asia, to its existing bouquet of four channels, namely Kalaignar TV (GEC), Isai Aruvi (music channel), Seithigal (news channel) and Sirrippoli (comedy channel).

Confirming these developments, a senior official at Kalaignar TV says, "The coming few days will see the launch of Kalaignar Asia, which will cater to the entertainment demands of the Tamil people in Southeast Asian countries. The channel will be broadcast through THAICOM-5 satellite and will be operated from the Kalaignar TV premises in Chennai. The 24 hour entertainment channel will focus on daily soaps and films for entertainment."

Hope to see this channel on LBN.

AMD said...

LBN seems to be having issues again with ZEE cafe & studio, and i always get " NO SIGNAL " in heavy rain!!

mad_roker said...

Channel V is back on digital lineup after long time...

star said...


LBN will add AXN BEYOND & one of the SONY channel with in few days. It may be even today. Already Channel name are added under TEST channels (TEST S & TEST AB).

But, still the channels are not activated. Hope, it will happen soon.

With these 2 channels, No.of channels in the digital line up will go upto 86. But, out of which 3 channels are in TEST mode. So, active channels will be 83.

Hope, they will add all the FOX Channels too.

mad_roker said...

Axn Beyond and sony entertainment enlish is in LBN. great job guys.

star said...

Yes, now they have added these 2 channels.

Excellent channels. Good job from LBN.

Expect few more.

Amrita said...

My only issue with LBN is that they do not tell you what show is on on their scroll bar (unlike Dialog).. Its so useful when you have that, otherwise you have to go scrambling for the tv guide!

Vimal said...

What happened to Animax and Cartoon Network?
The whole point of my buying an LBN connection was for quality entertainment for the kids.
This is being replaced by sensationist fillers like Zee (repeats) and AXN (too violent for small kids).
I already have an ADSL line so can switch to PEO anytime, and Dialog is on a strong promotional drive in the area - LBN wake up before it's too late for you!


Mario said...

LBN is dying away, the only thing that is good about them is their channel quality. But there is no EPG, the channel order is not sorted, all channels are different volume levels, and most of local channels, especially Derena are of low quality.